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Vlastislav Hofman – Cubist Chaise-Longue

Year: 1912
Dimensions: height 92 x width 80 x depth 200 cm, seat height 45 cm
Author: Vlastislav Hofman
This chaise-longue designed by V. Hofman in 1912 is a clear example of the work of a nonconformist critic of old doctrines, a fighter for new forms and innovation. The chaise-longue first catches the eye with its dynamic shapes and rhythmic composition. The stained oak veneer base appears flat at first glance, but soon we are drawn to the detail of the elaborately angled veneer joints. The elegant plasticity of the legs soon becomes apparent. When designing this chaise-longue, Hofman consistently avoided right angles and made full use of oblique ones. The upholstery in green velvet with a hint of gold – “Empire Olive” – is very elegant in combination with honey-stained oak veneer. The stuffing of the chaise-longue is a “sandwich” of rubber foam of various degrees of hardness and a cold foam core. We can also make a bespoke seat and back with bound compression springs.
  • 159 000 CZK + price for 8 rm cover material


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