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Unit vitrine

Dimensions: 189 x 37 x 69
A vitrine is a requisite and desired piece of furniture. A use can be found for it in collectors’ homes, in shops and in offices. This airy piece is, moreover, variable: the basic set comprise two independent elements with glass sides and adjustable shelves. The back is made of oak-stained plywood. The base under the elements is made of solid oak and is, thus, detachable. The basic set can be supplemented with two different types of drawers that pull out fully. These additional features can take the place of the socle under the bottom element or be placed in the middle between the elements. The positions are interchangeable. In this way, these pieces (elements) can be configured in any way desired. The vitrine is very elegant either as a stand-alone piece or installed in a series. The basic model is made of honey-stained oak veneer. The vitrine can be made to order with any available type of wood. It comprises a base, two basic elements and low drawers. 
Dimensions of the basic model: height 189 cm x depth 37 cm x width 69 cm

Prices of individual parts:

Basic glass element, faceted glass, price CZK 22,500 incl. VAT

Height of higher drawer 30 cm, price CZK 10,900 incl. VAT

Height of the lower drawer 15 cm, price CZK 9,300 incl. VAT

Pedestal, price 1,600 CZK incl. VAT

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