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Tubular Armchair

Year: 1932
Country: Československo
Dimensions: height 80 x width 57/108 x depth 85 cm, seat height 40 cm
Author: Jindřich Halabala

The first model of this classic and highly beloved tube armchair was created by a team of Bauhaus designers in 1932. The armchair is elegant and timeless and the upholstered seat and backrest provide exceptional comfort. While the first tube armchairs from the 1920s were rarely upholstered, in the first half of the 30s a whole range of large upholstered chairs and sofas were brought out. The 411 armchair from 1932 likely represents the start of this trend. Subsequently, many bending variants on this type of frame and methods of upholstering arose. Nearly every Czechoslovak tube furniture factory produced the armchair in various permutations in the 1930s. Our replica can also be ordered with a handy footrest, as well as in a “loveseat” variant with a width of 108 cm.

The basic execution of the upholstering is performed in a modern manner using “registers” and coir. By special request, we upholster exactly as they did in the 30s on a hardwood frame with hand-tied springs. The added charge for classic upholstery with compression springs is CZK 8000. By request, we can cover it with any fabric or leather. We varnish the beech-wood armrests, then stain them or also cover them with the chosen material.

Price: 55,900 CZK (2379EUR) + 4 m of cover material (leather consumption 6 m2);
small sofa 65,900 CZK (2804 EUR) + 6 m of cover material (leather consumption 10 m2)

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