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Tubular chair without armrests / with armrests

Year: 30th
Country: Československo
Dimensions: 85 x 39 x 43 cm, seat height 45 cm, armrests height 68 cm

The renewed production of this timeless chair design was caused by the mass demand from our customers. After thousands of restored original specimens from the 30s-50s passed through our hands, we were no longer able to find a sufficient number of originals to meet their interest. This chair, based loosely on the design by Mart Stam from 1927, not only looks great, but it is also extremely comfortable and virtually indestructible. It can be ordered in a stained, veneered or lacquered version.

chair without arms stained 391 EUR, chair with arms stained 447 EUR

Ral gloss/matt without arms 434 EUR, Ral gloss/matt with arms 506 EUR

Semi-gloss veneer/matt without armrests 468 EUR, Semi-gloss veneer/matt with armrests 532 EUR

High gloss veneer without armrests 511 EUR, High gloss veneer with armrests 574 EUR

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