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Josef Gočár – Cubist armchair

Year: 1913
Author: Josef Gočár

In 1913, Josef Gočár created a unique set of furniture for actor Otto Boleška. This impressive cubist armchair is one piece of this experimental bedroom/study set. Gočár managed to combine utility and art very impressively in this design.  Gočár dealt with this set very dynamically: he designed the board-like legs to grow upward at sharp angles through the structure of the armchair. This piece of furniture is reminiscent of both the Neo-Baroque interiors of the late 19th century and Art Deco.

width 70 cm / depth 62 cm / backrest height 95 cm, seat height 45 cm

Price calculation: 69.000 CZK (2.760 EUR) + price for 3.5 m of upholstery fabric

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