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Armchair H 275

Year: 30th
Country: Československo
Dimensions: 73 x 65 x 83 cm, seat height 40 cm
Author: Jindřich Halabala

Modernista has recently launched a replica of the H 275 armchair, considered to be one of the best designs of architect Jindřich Halabala. The armchair’s wooden sides are elegantly and relatively elaborately shaped and the attractive timeless look is further enhanced by the wooden detail between the backrest and the seat, adding to the product’s airy feel. As the armchair was not mass-produced, it is very rare to find in its original condition. It represents the ideal synergy of both aesthetic and practical needs. The tandard version of the armchair is made of beach wood and the inner filling is made of foam sandwich. For an extra charge, the insides of the seat and the backrest are made using the traditional method, i.e. hand-tied compression springs and jute straps.

Price: 47 900 CZK (2038 EUR including VAT)+ 3.5 cover material (use of leather is 5.5 m2)

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