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 Authors:  Adolf LoosJindřich Halabala, Josef GočárLadislav SutnarVáclav Špála, Willem Hendrik Gispen
 Charakteristics: directness, straight line, right angles

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The Paris Expo was the climax and thus the beginning of the decline for the Czech decorative style. In the second half of the 1920s, its main protagonists, particularly Josef Gocar, and the new generation of architects and designers (Jindrich Halabala, Antonin Heythum, Bohumil Juznic, Jaromir Krejcar, Antonin Kybal, Ladislav Sutnar, Jan Vanek and Ladislav Žak) adopted the rising functionalism as their style.

Both generations were significantly influenced by Dutch/Russian constructivism, the trend-setting work of Le Corbusier and – most of all – the Bauhaus. With only slight exaggeration, you can say that from then on functionalism dominated Czech architecture – at least in the area of public buildings and state commissions – until the end of the 20th century.