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GOLDFINGER porcelán, v.o.s.


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Modernista was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating a unique store in the Czech Republic which will offer the best of Czech design from the last 100 years. In cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Arts, Modernista exclusively re-released Cubist pottery collections by famous designers Pavel Janák, Rudolf Stockar and Vlastislav Hofman, furniture and home furnishings by Josef Gočár and Jindřich Halabala, Ladislav Sutnar’s wooden toys and other unique products. In addition to its own production, Modernista also collects and restores valuable original pieces of furniture, lamps and objects of daily use.

Over 20 years on the market Modernista has become known as a specialist in Czech design and applied art and a time-proven manufacturer and seller of 20th century as well as contemporary design. In recent years, however, Modernista has also established itself on the market as an operator of museum and gallery shops. Modernista has run the museum shop at the Museum of Decorative Arts since 2004, the gallery shop at Galerie Rudolfinum since 2009 till 2017, and in 2013 we also took over the museum shop at the Municipal House. Aside from this long-term cooperation with important cultural institutions, Modernista also took part in the highly successful exhibitions “Ivan Lendl – Alfons Mucha” (2013) and “Bohuslav Reynek – A Genius We Were Supposed To Forget” (2014).