Pavel Janak

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 Date: 1882–1956
 Epochas: Czech Cubism
  Category: Porcelain and Ceramics, Furniture

Architect, urban planner, designer and teacher Pavel Janák was the leading theorist of the Czech Cubist movement. He saw the slanting surfaces and crystalline forms of Cubism as an expression of the power of the human spirit overcoming the formative power of nature. Janák’s ceramics from 1911 had a profound influence on both Czech and European Art Deco. Despite the practical limitations that objects of everyday use present for the artist-designer, he managed to apply his artistic concept with feeling and elegance, revealing his unique skills. Janák was one of the first designers to introduce the zigzag design that went on to become one of the most frequently used decorative patterns in the following decades.

Pavel Janák

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