Jožka Baruch

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 Date: 1892-1966
 Epochas: Art deco
  Category: Toys

Jožka Baruch was born in Moravia on July 28th, 1892. He studied at the State Vocational School for woodworking, graduating as a figural and ornamental woodcarver. He continued his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, where he studied painting and printmaking. It was prints, especially woodcuts, which became Baruch’s most significant form of expression; greatly influencing his paintings and drawings. He worked as a commercial printmaker, producing posters, advertisements and book illustrations.

Additionally, he taught courses in drawing, and woodcarving. The world of children and literature was the source of his inspiration. A great part of his work was related to books, including illustrations, cover design and ex libris. He died on November 22nd, 1966 in Prague, where he had spent most of his life devoted to drawing and printmaking. For more information please visit the website: